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Custom Homes by
Corland Contracting Inc.

Our team, working alongside top rated, licensed, and insured subcontractors are ready to bring your vision to life. From ground breaking to celebrating move in day we are there every step of the way.



Our commitment to quality craftsmanship and attention to detail guarantees that every aspect of your custom home will be meticulously executed.


We at Corland Contracting Inc. pride ourselves on transparent communication and collaboration, ensuring that your vision is not only understood but brought to life.


From innovative design solutions to efficient project management, we are dedicated to delivering a home that we will both be proud of for many years to come.


Working with a custom home builder is different than a builder who has land and house plan packages ready for you to customize. Those types of packages are typically easier to provide a quote on since that builder knows all of the variables, the location, and has built that exact home multiple times. A custom home on the other hand, is just that- custom, so things like location, land preparation, foundation type, all the way to the finishes on the exterior and interior will significantly impact the price of what a home will cost to build.


You are probably excited by the thought of building a new home and are curious about how much it might cost, but in order to start the process of working with a builder to build a custom home, you need to have a few very important pieces in place before a builder can even provide you with an estimate.

1. Property 

Before reaching out to a builder, you must already have the piece of property you wish to build on in your possession. Without having the property, you are not yet ready to work with a custom home builder.

2. Construction Drawings

In order to properly provide a quote, we need construction drawings. You will first need to work with an architect who will bring your vision to life on paper. Once you have the design and construction drawings, you are ready to work with a builder!

We would love the opportunity to build your dream home. If you are ready to start making your dream a reality, we would love to hear from you! Please fill out the form below and you will hear from us shortly. 

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